Choosing Your Outdoor Shade: Pergolas or Patio Covers?


If you’re looking for outdoor shade solutions for your backyard, you’ve probably come across pergolas and patio covers. Maybe you don’t want to choose between these two options because they appear to offer many of the same advantages. However, these two have distinct differences.

Before sticking with one type, you should have a clearer grasp of the differences between these two shade options first. These patio blinds have different approaches to improving your house and backyard, which means they also provide very varied benefits.

Outlined below are some of their most distinct differences. Read along so you can choose which outdoor solution best fits your style!

What’s the Difference Between the Two?

A patio cover can be thought of as an extension of your home. Most models come in easy-to-construct kits that are easily installed to a house’s wall. Because their major goal is utility, the kits are tough to blend into the overall aesthetic of your home. This can be a limitation on your palette options.

A patio cover is, in most circumstances, a relatively basic shade structure. It’s usually placed over the patio doors that go to your garden or backyard. The structure’s roof is usually solid aluminum, fiberglass, or PVC.

There is no roof on a pergola. Instead, an overhead frame of open rafters is used to define the outdoor space. The purpose of a pergola is to provide a designated zone for outdoor living and to add an architecturally elegant and beautiful addition to your home. Pergolas are well-built, sturdy, and spectacular structures with sun and rain protection provided by coverings or retractable canopies.

What’s the Advantage of Patio Covers?

Patio coverings provide a slew of advantages to homeowners. They can help you save money on electricity by keeping your house cooler. This gives you a money-saving alternative to using the air conditioning all day during the hotter months. 

Patio covers can also be retrofitted with various accessories such as outdoor lights, fans, and home entertainment devices. These attachments increase the value of patio covers and significantly improve your quality of life indoors. 

What’s the Advantage of Pergola?

Pergolas provide all of the same benefits as patio covers, but they also add atmosphere and style to the equation. Although these shade structures can also contain all of the items you need to improve your outdoor space, they do so in a way that a patio cover can’t. Pergolas can be integrated into your garden; many homeowners grow vine plants and flowers on their pergolas to enhance their already outstanding appearance.

Pergolas can be equipped with UV-resistant, retractable canopies. They can also be outfitted with curtains — allowing you to gain some privacy whenever you want it while also adding a distinct sense of elegance to the scene. In terms of design and attitude, a pergola produces a far more diversified and free-flowing space.


So, have you made a decision? Both offer a variety of practical solutions that can improve your quality of life; it all just boils down to your style or your home’s general theme.

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