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The High-Wind Framing System For Sunrooms, Patios & Sheds

Titan’s Colorbeam Aluminum Framing System was developed by engineers to be a structurally superior alternative to traditional “light frame” aluminum systems. These traditional aluminum materials were developed back in the 60’s at a time when building codes were lax or non-existent.

In Florida specifically, the cycle of hurricanes over the past 25 years exposed the total inadequacy of aluminum construction and the framing materials used. Each passing storm lays waste to virtually every aluminum screen room, sunroom and patio leaving an enormous pile of metal scrap in its wake.

The Colorbeam system was created to break this cycle of build and re-build. Our experience in dealing with hurricanes has proven one thing- insurance companies are wary of inferior construction and are looking for ways not to pay you. The need for a better alternative like Colorbeam is now a necessity.

Why Building Materials Matter - Study the Facts

Colorbeam vs. Traditional Aluminum

Aluminum has been the go to material for years in the patio enclosure industry. It’s strong and easy to work with. However, rising metal prices have forced suppliers to produce thinner and cheaper aluminum gauges in order to maintain profit margins. Contractors then use this lower quality material to build your project, relying on your inability to notice a difference. It’s no wonder, life threatening structural failures are on the rise. We have seen aluminum being used that is not much thicker than a soda can! Do you want to spend your hard earned money on something built like a soda can?

Colorbeam vs Vinyl

Buyer beware...there are sunrooms being built with vinyl framed materials that have no structural reinforcement whatsoever. Vinyl framing in this form is a disaster waiting to happen. It may look nice and you may be enticed by an artificially low price, but it’s important to remember what your grandfather told you: “You get what you pay for.” Before buying a vinyl framed enclosure make sure you see (and touch) the structural components that they “say” will stand up to hurricane winds, when they inevitably come.

Colorbeam vs Wood

Wood is versatile and strong, but has severe limitations in sunroom construction. This is because it’s susceptible to termites, unsightly rot and must be clad or covered with appropriate material for protection. Its bulky nature hurts the aesthetics, reducing the popular open sightlines desired in sunroom design.

Colorbeam Standard Color Options

Arctic White
Light Stone
Ash Gray
Desert Sand
Burnished Slate

Premium Color Options

Old Town Gray
Hawaiian Blue
Colony Green
Charcoal Grey
Rustic Red

*NOTE: Colors shown are not exact and intended for planning purposes only. For actual job Titan will supply exact color chips.

Color is Personal.

With Colorbeam there is no need to settle for just black or white. In addition to our 5 popular standards, your Colorbeam frame can be custom matched to just about any color you desire. Colorbeam, available only from Titan Sunrooms!




Titan Sunrooms Pensacola Florida


Factory Direct: Eliminate the Middleman Markup

When you work with Titan, you get a true factory direct product. This allows us to provide far superior materials at very competitive prices. The typical supply chain markup makes it necessary for middleman like wholesalers and dealers to cut costs in order to maintain profit margins. They do this by selling thin gauge framing that is not much thicker than a soda can and using appliance grade coatings that are not intended for outdoor use.

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Titan Sunrooms Pensacola Florida


3 Great Funding Options:

Option #1       Low Monthly Payments @ 9.99% 

                         5, 7,10 and 15 year options

Option #2        12 Months Same as Cash  

                         You pay NOTHING for 12 months  

Option #3        10% Factory Cash Rebate

                         Save even more when you pay cash

*Subject to credit approval and other restrictions. Speak to factory rep for details. Minimum purchase required.

Titan Sunrooms Pensacola Florida


A patio built by Titan:
Manufactured in our Factory
Installed by our own crews
Guaranteed for 40 Years

Quotes "We were so impressed with this company at the time of the estimate that we cancelled appointments with other companies because it just felt right. Our first impressions were confirmed over and over throughout the project."
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