Colorbeam: The Hurricane Resistant Framing System for Your Sunroom


If you are in Florida (or anywhere on the Gulf coast), you understand what it means when we say the weather here is crazy. Heat, rain, wind, hurricanes…Florida has an unbelievable “buffet” of weather conditions. 

Of particular consequence are the tropical storms and hurricanes. Damage done by hurricanes in the last decade has been immeasurable, and although we all hope it won’t continue, the best we can do prepare. Home protection is on the mind of every wise Floridian.

In this article, we’ll walk you through a valuable addition to your Florida home that can greatly improve its protection against harsh weather conditions and give you maximum comfort all year round. 

The Florida Sunroom 

The heat of the sun and the rains can be too much during this time of the year, which is why Florida sunrooms became popular. They let occupants enjoy the beautiful outdoor atmosphere without taking in the searing and blinding sun rays or suffering the heavy rains. 

Wind-Resistant Framing for Your Sunroom 

Storms come at unexpected times and can be so powerful that they can easily damage traditionally built structures. This is why more and more Florida residents are investing in installing stronger building materials for their homes. 

In NW Florida, Titan Sunrooms’ Colorbeam is the leading framing system designed to resist extreme weather conditions in Florida. Colorbeam is engineered and manufactured as a durable alternative to standard aluminum building materials commonly used throughout Florida and the rest of the United States. Titan’s Colorbeam framing system is 50 percent thicker than traditional aluminum and possesses a contemporary finish that requires little maintenance and no repainting. It is also resistant to potential corrosion caused by salt air. 

Additional Aesthetic Value to Your Home

Colorbeam is created from two sections of lightweight and high-tensile Galvalume steel, providing more strength for the structure. A Colorbeam framing system can be installed in any home space, including glass rooms, screen rooms, awnings, carports, patios, and more. They enhance the appearance of your property and let you save a lot on maintenance costs due to their durability. 

Because of their insulated, leak-proof coating, Colorbeam floor, roof, and wall panels are an ideal installation for glass sunroom owners who want to be aptly sheltered without compromising the aesthetics of their space. This framing system perfectly takes after traditional timber beams but with increased durability and a longer life span. 

The Benefits of Installing Colorbeam

If you’re considering adding on a sunroom, here are a few reasons to work with Colorbeam instead of traditional aluminum.  

  • Resists wind loads up to 160 mph
  • No wood to rot
  • No aluminum to rust
  • Noncombustible 
  • Does not twist, shrink, or rot
  • Termite-proof 
  • Requires minimal to no maintenance
  • 40 year paint finish

With its sandy beaches and lovely sunsets, Florida is undoubtedly one of the best places to live in. Its wild summer weather is no secret, though, so you’ve got to gear yourself up and have the best home protection in place to stay safe and cozy at all times.

For Colorbeam sunrooms, contact Titan Sunrooms, the premier provider of sunrooms, screen rooms, patio covers, and other backyard living structures for homeowners along the Gulf Coast. 

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