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Glass Sunrooms

Glass sunrooms are an ideal home addition for a number of reasons. First, you get to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, while in climate controlled comfort, regardless of the weather outside. Next, it compliments the beauty of your home with added curb appeal. And, the supplemental square footage increases the value of your home, comparable to a room addition.


Glass Sunrooms Gulf Coast FL, Pensacola

Titan’s glass sunrooms are unique. Manufactured with the super-strong Colorbeam™ panels, extrusions and connectors, they are the most durable (and attractive) sunroom on the market today. Titan’s Sunrooms are a modern building alternative that has finally moved away from the flimsy light frame aluminum that has been used in construction for the past 50 years. Titan has replaced it with a contemporary design that is made to appeal to today’s changing tastes, while standing up to the harshest weather events that are becoming all too common.

Titan has replaced it with a contemporary design that is made to appeal to today’s changing tastes, while standing up to the harshest weather events that are becoming all too common.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming all sunroom products are the same or that all builders are equally capable. Nothing could be further than the truth. Titan’s Colorbeam™ materials are engineered to withstand wind loads up to 160 mph. And, the certified Titan Craftsmen who build with Colorbeam™ have been factory trained to ensure that each installation is done in accordance with Titan strict quality standards. Since 2002 no one has built more sunrooms in the Gulf Coast than Titan.


Looking for a sunroom in Pensacola or in the surrounding area?

Well then, you came to the right place. Sunrooms can be the perfect home addition, and being an outdoor structure it will add to the beauty and curb appeal of your home. Mainly though, you can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while in the comfort of being inside.A Sunroom will also increase the square footage of your home, but without the costs that usually come with a traditional room addition. Our Pensacola Sunroom contractors are here to help so drop us a line and our design team can go over all your options.

Why add a glass sunroom?

A sunroom will change your lifestyle and beautify your home. The addition of a sunroom allows you to bask in the natural sunlight and beauty of the outdoors. More often than not, the sunroom becomes the most used and favorite room in the house.

What style to choose?

Titan is a custom sunroom builder, so the sky’s the limit to what can be done. That said, there are a few main styles to choose from, including Cathedral with its grand vaulted ceilings, Studio with its gentle sloping roofline and Flyover, where you can add extra height when the roofline is low.

Warm winters and cool summers

Titan’s fully insulated glass sunrooms allow you to be in climate controlled comfort year round, regardless of how hot or cold it is outside. This will be a wonderful new living space that is open, inviting, surrounded by nature and a great place to entertain and relax.


Want to learn more or get a quote? Give Titan a call at (850) 733-7445 ext. 1 to set up your no obligation estimate.

  • Strong. Built to withstand winds in excess of 160+ mph.

  • Dry. Materials allow roof to expand and contract without leaking

  • Cool. Heat reflecting glass keeps you cool in the hottest months

  • Attractive. An array of colors to suit any design taste

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Factory Direct: Eliminate the Middleman Markup

When you work with Titan, you get a true factory direct product. This allows us to provide far superior materials at very competitive prices. The typical supply chain markup makes it necessary for middleman like wholesalers and dealers to cut costs in order to maintain profit margins. They do this by selling thin gauge framing that is not much thicker than a soda can and using appliance grade coatings that are not intended for outdoor use.

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Titan Sunrooms Pensacola Florida


3 Great Funding Options:

Option #1       Low Monthly Payments @ 9.99% 

                         5, 7,10 and 15 year options

Option #2        12 Months Same as Cash  

                         You pay NOTHING for 12 months  

Option #3        10% Factory Cash Rebate

                         Save even more when you pay cash

*Subject to credit approval and other restrictions. Speak to factory rep for details. Minimum purchase required.

Titan Sunrooms Pensacola Florida


A patio built by Titan:
Manufactured in our Factory
Installed by our own crews
Guaranteed for 40 Years

Quotes "We were so impressed with this company at the time of the estimate that we cancelled appointments with other companies because it just felt right. Our first impressions were confirmed over and over throughout the project."
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