AAAA++++ company

“I chose Titan because they did all the work with their own guys. It was a crew of two guys, John the team lead was great. You could tell he knew what he was doing and was very professional about what they were going to do, how they were going to do it and their time line. I am a single home owner so while I stayed at the house most of the first day I was able to leave the door open for them to come in the next morning and they locked up the home in the evening. They would either text or call me when they came or left the home. I would try to pop in a couple times during the day and just check on progress. The same team of two guys did the windows, doors, and shutter installation. The job took one extra day than expected due to the weather but everything was completed to perfection! The only issue was one door I purchased was about a ¼” too wide for the jam. They broke out their tools and took a half inch off the door sill and you cannot even tell a difference. Everything was absolutely seamless. The office guys were very cordial and every time I talked with them they knew who I was and did their best to accommodate my schedule!!! Price of contract was price paid. AAAA++++ company! Fantastic company that was recommended to me and I will recommend to others who are getting windows/doors and their bread and butter Sun-rooms completed.”

Mr. B.Talley
Fort Walton Beach, FL

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