Transforming Your Deck into a Useful and Lovely Screen Room

screen room

Nothing beats the satisfaction of making your home as comfortable as you can. After all, it should be a relaxing haven that complements your lifestyle both inside and out. 

Many individuals are seeking ways to adapt their outdoor spaces for year-round living as they spend more time at home, and experts agree that this trend will likely continue well into the future.

Enjoy the Outdoors Comfortably 

Many homeowners desire an outdoor living space where they can dine, entertain, and relax with their family and friends. Unfortunately, backyard barbecues and other outside activities can be cut short due to weather, heat, and insects. 

If you don’t use your deck as much as you’d like, adding a screen room can let you spend more time enjoying your backyard instead of fighting the elements.

Build a Screen Room

A screened porch is ideal for adding extra living space while also allowing you to spend time outside. A screen room is a roofed structure with walls made of mesh screen. It allows air to flow freely around the space, giving you the sensation of being outside while keeping the bugs away.

In most climates, from early March to late October, you can enjoy the benefits of a screened porch. When it gets too cold outdoor heaters can be a simple way to lengthen the time you spend on your screened porch.

Here are some of the advantages of adding a screen room to an existing deck for you and your family.

It Offers UV Ray Protection

People and dogs suffer on hot and sunny summer days, and excessive exposure to UV radiation might cause major health concerns. A screen room provides shade, allowing your family to spend more time outside while reducing the risk of sunburn and other heat-related issues.

It Sets a Wall of Defense against Insects

Outdoor activities can be swiftly ruined by gnats, mosquitoes, flies, and other insects. Insect repellents are unpleasant to use and must be reapplied regularly. A screen room acts as a barrier, protecting you and your family from pesky insects without the use of pesticides or insect repellents.

It Shields You from the Elements

Rain, wind, and extreme heat frequently prevent us from fully enjoying our backyards. A screen room provides cover from the elements, allowing you and your family to spend more time outside.

It Expands Your Living Space

A screen room attached to an existing deck creates a useful outdoor living space that is easily accessible from your home. The distinction between indoors and outside is blurred with screen rooms, allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds. 

It becomes a perfect environment for entertaining, dining, relaxing, reading, or enjoying your morning coffee with the addition of ceiling fans and comfortable chairs.

It Allows You to Keep Your Privacy

If your backyard deck faces your neighbors, you may feel like you’re on show every time you step outside. Enclosing your deck provides further privacy and security while still allowing you to enjoy the outdoors. Others can’t see in because of the screens, but your vision is unhindered.

It’s Energy-Efficient

Screen rooms hide your home’s windows from direct sunshine, which helps to cool the interior and save money on cooling. On hot, sunny days, a screen room can assist save electricity while also protecting indoor furnishings from damaging UV rays.


It doesn’t have to be expensive to spend time outside in the comfort of your own home. A screen room is a wonderful and affordable solution. Also, you won’t have to bother about temperature control in a screen room because it’ll only be utilized when the weather cooperates. 

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