Why Converting A Screen Room To A Sunroom Is A Great Idea

Screen Room To A Sunroom

Why Converting A Screen Room To A Sunroom Is A Great Idea

Screen rooms offer a pleasant space where you can relish the sensation of being outdoors, surrounded by natural beauty and weather enjoyment. Despite these advantages, issues like temperature control and environmental irritants can occasionally diminish the experience.

What if there was a solution that allowed you to seamlessly bring the outdoors inside while shielding against challenges such as extreme temperatures and noise? In this blog, we’ll delve into the compelling reasons behind converting your screened porch into a sunroom. This transformation not only adds significant value to your home but also creates enhanced living space, contributing to utility bill savings.

If you’re looking to convert your screened porch into a sunroom, you’ll enjoy the benefits of increased home value, a sunroom’s year-round living appeal, and protection from elements like pollen, rain, and snow. The process of converting a screened-in porch involves steps such as installing new windows, transforming the room into a sunroom with natural light, and incorporating energy-efficient features like double-panel glass. By turning a screened-in porch into a sunroom, you get the best of both worlds – the joys of outdoor living spaces combined with the comfort and protection of indoor living.

The Problem with Screen Rooms

Screen rooms provide a charming space where you can savor your morning coffee, enjoying a touch of the outdoors without venturing fully “outside.” While undoubtedly appealing, these spaces come with certain limitations.

Despite their charming aesthetics, screen rooms are subject to seasonal constraints, making them less viable in harsh winters. To enhance the appeal and functionality of these spaces, consider upgrading to double-pane windows. This modification not only looks beautiful but also adds value by extending the usability of the room into spring and fall. The double-panel windows create a more livable space, offering the advantages of both indoor and outdoor living. This enhancement contributes to the curb appeal, allowing for better views of outdoor living spaces and providing an ideal setting for house plants to thrive in an indoor living environment.

Limited Durability

You’ve transformed your porch into a sunroom, and it’s delightful—until the weather decides to be uncooperative. Rain, wind, and even pesky squirrels can inflict damage on those delicate screens. Over time, you’ll likely observe signs of wear, such as fraying, holes, or screens detaching from their frames. As a homeowner with an enclosed sunroom, these issues can arise, prompting the need for repairs or screen replacements to maintain the integrity of your sunroom’s enclosure.

Poor Temperature Control

Screen rooms offer a delightful experience during those mild, temperate days—neither too hot nor too cold. However, stepping into one during the sweltering peak of summer or the chilly embrace of winter might leave you yearning for a more insulated space. The permeable nature of screens lets in everything—warm air, cold air, and even the enticing aroma of the neighbor’s barbecue if the wind is blowing your way. To address these challenges, consider converting your screened porch into a sunroom, complete with the option to install sunroom windows. This transformation from a porch enclosure to a new sunroom not only provides the insulation needed to make your living space comfortable year-round but also offers the benefits of full glass views, a free in-home design, and the ability to entertain guests while enjoying protection from the elements. This upgrade enhances the real estate value of your home without incurring the extra cost, ensuring energy efficiency even in the dead of winter. Professional installation services further guarantee a seamless and efficient process, letting you enjoy your upgraded sunroom to the fullest.

Noise and Environmental Irritants

While your screened porch adeptly shields you from larger debris and most insects, it may not provide the soundproof sanctuary you desire. Especially if situated near a road, be prepared for the constant hum of passing cars to become your ambient soundtrack. To enhance your home’s value and create a more serene environment, consider converting your screened porch into a sunroom. This transformation from a porch into a sunroom allows for the inclusion of features like ceiling fans, striking a harmonious balance between comfort and increasing your home’s overall value. The upgrade not only minimizes the intrusion of external noise but also lets in just the right amount of outdoor views, making your space more energy-efficient and conducive to additional living. This shift from a screened-in porch to a sunroom, with the potential inclusion of single-panel glass in many sunrooms, is a noteworthy choice, offering the benefits of a sunroom vs. a screened-in porch in creating a tranquil retreat within your home.

Limited Space Usability

Your screened porch resembles the formal living rooms in older homes—ideal for special occasions but lacking in practicality. Placing a plush sofa set or a gaming console in there poses concerns about potential damage from the elements. To address this limitation, consider converting your screened porch into a sunroom, a transformative step that offers the flexibility to furnish it with comfort and style. Unlike a three-season room, a sunroom allows you to enjoy your space year-round with the convenience of open-and-close heating and cooling options, making it more versatile than a traditional covered porch.

Sunroom SolutionThe New Sunroom Solution

If issues persist with your screen room, fear not. The optimal solution might lie in converting your screen room into a sunroom. Let’s examine the steps to convert, how a sunroom adeptly addresses the challenges commonly associated with screen rooms. From the convenience of being able to open and close as needed to warding off pests, a sunroom offers a versatile transformation from a screened porch to a sunroom. Moreover, incorporating storm windows in many sunrooms not only enhances weather protection but also ensures a seamless transition while adhering to necessary building permits.

Enhanced Durability

Sunrooms are crafted with sturdier materials, often featuring tempered glass and solid roofs. When transitioning from a screened porch to a sunroom, many sunrooms integrate single-pane glass, glass doors, glass walls, and glass windows. This room addition is not only designed for four-season enjoyment but also eliminates the need for constant heat or AC adjustments. Despite being considered a potentially more expensive option, the investment pays off with additional space, reduced construction costs, and the unparalleled joy of seamlessly enjoying the outdoors without compromising comfort or letting in too much of the elements.


Efficient Temperature Control

Imagine being in your outdoor space year-round without freezing in the winter or melting in the summer. Sunrooms come with options for double or triple-pane glass, which significantly helps with insulation and keeping your sunroom cool in the summer months.

Reduced Noise and Irritants

You’re not the only one tired of listening to every car that drives by. Sealed windows in a sunroom not only give you a quieter environment but also keep out environmental irritants.

Versatile Space Usability

Perhaps the most fun part of having a sunroom is the endless possibilities for its use. Unlike a screen room, a sunroom allows you to go all out with your interior decorating dreams.


Practical Aspects

Aside from its benefits, sunrooms also offer some practical aspects you can take advantage of. Here are some of the common practical aspects of your sunroom conversion project.

Types of Glass to Consider from a screened porch into a sunroom

When it comes to glass options, you’ve got choices. And yes, the type of glass you pick will make a noticeable difference in how your sunroom performs.

  • Single-Pane Glass: This is the budget-friendly option but may lack the insulation features that you may prefer.
  • Double Pane Glass: An upgrade from the single pane, offering better insulation and temperature control in the summer months.

Tips for a Smooth Conversion of your Screened Porch to a Sunroom

Here are some pro tips on things you should consider before converting your screen room into a sunroom:

  1. Consult Professionals: Gather quotes and advice from licensed contractors experienced in sunroom conversions.
  2. Choose Materials: Make decisions on the type of glass, roofing, and other materials you’ll use. Remember, these choices affect both comfort and costs.
  3. Planning and Design: Decide the primary function your sunroom will serve to guide your design choices, from furniture to whether you’ll need electrical outlets for, say, a home theater system.
  4. Budget: Prepare your budget. A qualified contractor can help you with designing a sunroom that fits your budget.
  5. Permits and Paperwork: Don’t forget the paperwork! Make sure you have all the necessary permits to avoid legal hassles down the line.


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