Danny & The Man Cave

Danny works hard and in his limited free time away from work and daddy duties, he likes to have a little solitude to watch his sports and enjoy his sport memorabilia collecting hobby. Danny had a room set-up in his home that was perfect for this, with one problem. His kids loved the room so much, they ran it over and turned it into their own playroom. Now run out of his own room, Danny and his wife wanted to figure out how to get Danny his own — kid free — space.

When Danny and his wife learned about Blockhouse Sheds, they could see a perfect affordable solution to their situation — Turn a Titan Blockhouse Shed into a custom Man Cave for Danny in their backyard.

Come meet Danny and see his Blockhouse Man Cave…

Danny added electricity, air conditioning and cable tv along with some furnishings to create his very own space. Here’s a tour of the outside of Danny’s Blockhouse…

Standard Blockhouse Sheds run between between $6,900-$9,900. With Titan’s 60 month payment plans this is $137-$196 monthly.

***Fathers Day Special***
All Blockhouse’s ordered by June 21, 2020 will include free delivery and installation.

For more information on Titan’s Blockhouse Shed’s visit: http://titansunrooms.com/blockhouse-sheds/ or call 850-733-7445.

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