Decorating Tips to Make a Small Patio Look Spacious


A patio can provide a wonderful outdoor space for you to enjoy in your home. It can become a space of tranquility or one where you can enjoy spending time with guests and family. One might think that a smaller patio is harder to use for these purposes, but the right design can really make a difference.

Make your patio feel more spacious and relaxing using some of these effective techniques. 

Select Smaller Pieces for Your Seating

When deciding on your seating arrangements, don’t use huge chairs and sets that make it seem like the space is too tight. You can get away with having some comfortable ottomans, simple armless chairs, and a bench against an edge or wall for more seating. You want chairs to be easily accessible.

Stick to Simple Lines When Planning Your Layout

Funky shapes can look great but essentially limit the usable space. It also visually makes your patio look a little cramped, especially if you have a number of items throughout the space. Horizontal lines laid on a tilt can give visual interest while still providing room and keeping things roomy when looked at. 

Use Furniture That You Can Stack or Fold

If you really want to add more furniture to accommodate more people, you should consider using foldable or stackable furniture. This way, you can create more space as a base layout and simply add more chairs or tables as needed. 

Add Some Plants for Texture

When you incorporate nature into your design, the space automatically looks fresher and more alive. You can put some corner pots or a centerpiece on a table to add dimension. If you don’t want plants taking up floor space, you can even use hanging or vine-type plants and put them on your patio cover. 

Stick to Some Select Features

You really just need a staple piece when it comes to design. You can build on it with your other furniture and decorative items. Don’t go overboard with what you want to do with your patio. 

Decide early on what its main purpose is so you can choose just one or two features. Will it have a bar? Will you be grilling on the patio? Do you want to play board games outside?

These considerations will help you decide what to cut out and what to include.

Add Some Mirrors 

Mirrors are a design go-to when it comes to producing the illusion of more space. Angle it well so that it extends the patio but be careful not to make it a heat source or at an area that reflects the light too much. 

Extend Your Cover

Patio covers are useful to protect your furniture (and anyone outside) from the elements. On top of being good for the winter and rain, it also prevents excessive sun exposure. In terms of creating space, consider extending the cover a little to create an illusion of extra space even if your flooring doesn’t reach that far.


You don’t need to have a giant patio to enjoy your space, and an intimate space can be very appealing if set up well. Take the time to design your patio the way you want it, and you’ll be happy to have that extra space in the comfort of your own property. It’s a good investment that will add value to the home and give you more entertainment options.

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