Sunroom Contractors – Asking the Right Questions to Find the Right One

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Regardless of whether the space you have for your sunroom addition is tiny or vast, a good sunroom contractor will be able to maximize its appeal, providing you with a finished sunroom which will fit your family’s needs while staying within your stated construction budget. A qualified sunroom contractor will be able to design an sunroom which adds to your home’s elegance while increasing its value, and will give your family a warm and inviting space in which to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

The soaring popularity of sunrooms means that there are sunroom contractors looking for clients in every part of the US, but it’s up to you to conduct a thorough search to find the one who will do the best job for you!

Telling The Good Sunroom Contractors From The Not-So-God Ones
An honest and professional sunroom contractor will be more than happy to prepare an estimate of what adding a sunroom to your home will entail, and how much the completed sunroom will cost. This estimate will include all the details of the materials which will be used in your sunroom, as well as the costs of the labor for the construction project.

Walk away from any sunroom contractors who try to pressure you into hiring them by saying they are so busy that they won’t be able to handle your job unless you let the start immediately. Also avoid the ones who say that they are offering reduced rates for their sunrooms but only for another couple of weeks. These are some favorite high pressure tactics used by unscrupulous contractors to lock customers in, and you don’t need to deal with anyone who would employ them.

Interviewing Potential Sunroom Contractors

Before you set up appointments to interview different sunroom contractors, you should prepare a list of questions to help you narrow down your search.

First, ask each sunroom contractor about any experience he has in completing projects similar to yours. There are many general building contractors who will build sunrooms as a part of their business, but you’d be better off with someone who concentrates only on sunrooms.

Ask your potential sunrooms contractor about their licenses, insurance, and professional accreditations. You want to make sure that the person you choose has met all the legal requirements to work in your area. Also ask how many sunrooms each contractor has completed in your area, because you want to find out if they are familiar with the local building codes and climate.

Find out how long each contractor has been in business, and whether his company has undergone a recent management change. Try to find someone who has been working for at least five years, with a management track record which you can verify.

Finally, and most importantly, ask each contractor whether he will be doing the work on your sunroom himself or hiring subcontractors. Stick with someone who will do the job himself, because he’s the one with the best idea of what your ideal sunroom will look like!


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