Quick Decorating Tips to Brighten Up Your Home’s Sunroom


If you live in a sunny climate, a sunroom is a perfect way to enjoy the weather. In fact, a sunroom will even save you money because it allows you to open less-used rooms of your house less often in the winter, keeping your home comfortable and saving on heating costs. A sunroom can be decorated in a variety of styles. For example, you can go for a minimalist look that makes use of natural sunlight, or you could opt for a brightly colored room with a variety of seating options. You may even want to consider installing plants and small trees or arranging potted herbs in the sunroom so that you can have your own little garden indoors.

Quick Decorating Tips to Brighten Up Your Home’s Sunroom

1 – Let the natural light in

If you want people to enjoy being in your sunroom, you don’t want it to feel like they’re inside a hole. Instead of painting the room a dark color, which will make it feel smaller, paint it a lighter color that will allow plenty of natural light in. Once you do this, you may discover that the room doesn’t look as boring as you thought it would.

2 – Add furniture that’s comfortable

Everyone loves to sit on a sofa with a good book or a favorite television program. To make sitting in your sunroom feel like a real getaway, install comfortable seating that’s easy to get into and out of. You can also add a small table or bench for extra seating. If you have family and friends that are shorter, you’ll want to make sure your seating is easy to get in and out of.

3 – Add some greenery

Plants are a great option for decorating your sunroom. You can add some ferns or ivy to give your room a natural feel. You can also add a small tree that will grow over time. Just make sure you choose a tree that’s going to grow well indoors. A few other options are plants that are going to bloom indoors, such as orchids, or flowering plants that will bring a touch of color to the room.

4 – Add artwork

If you want some sunroom decorating ideas, think about the artwork you have around your house. There’s no reason that you can’t use some of the same artwork in your sunroom. You can also paint a wooden frame or piece of driftwood to give it an artistic appearance. Another great way to add the artwork to your room is to add some photographs of family members or loved ones.

5 – Make it cozy

A sunroom is a great place to add a little extra warmth to your home. Choose upholstery that is going to be warm and cozy to the touch. A sunroom is a great place to add a rug or some throw blankets. The warmth you’ll add to your room will come in handy in the winter.


A sunroom is a smart investment for your home. You’ll enjoy a variety of different benefits. Reading, cooking, and even just sitting around with a good book will all be easier when you have a room with plenty of natural light. Also, when you have a room that feels cozy and inviting, you’ll be more likely to spend time there. You’ll be amazed at some of the sunroom decorating ideas that you find.

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