These Sunroom Addition Ideas Will Brighten Up Your Home


Sunroom additions make your house feel cozy and inviting. They’re the perfect place to relax, curl up with a good book, and enjoy the sun streaming through the windows. With this guide, you’ll be able to see examples of screened-in porches that will give you major sun envy. 

Classic Black and White

This stunning sunroom addition is proof that two primary colors can pack a punch. This three-season room looks like a chic New York cafe while providing a place to relax and unwind. Houseplants thrive in sunrooms, getting the perfect amount of light to survive and look great!

A Fireplace Outdoors

Do you want to give your sunroom an extra dose of life? A fireplace can transform a three-season room into a four-season one. As long as you don’t mind snuggling in with a robe and fluffy slippers, the sunroom need not be confined to spring, summer, or fall.

Homey Hammock

The best sunrooms combine the best of both indoors and outdoors, and there’s no better way to do it than with a hammock. You’ll feel like you’re on vacation the moment you lie down to take a nap in this homey home piece, so why not indulge in an indoor one and get a dose of that relaxed feeling all the time?

Lighten Up

Like this sunroom addition, the perfect three-season room allows the maximum amount of light in from multiple angles. Whether as a formal dining area like this design or second living space, a great sunroom addition can quickly become the most well-loved area in your home.

Make Use of Every Inch

This plan for a sunroom has small dimensions, but it’s used efficiently; every inch is put to good use. The bamboo furniture and accessories add a modern-yet-vintage feel. The loveseat fits perfectly. If you don’t have a sunroom in your home, this quaint-but-adorable room proves that you don’t need much space for a great little addition.

Natural Flow

If you want your sunroom to feel like an extension of your living room, creating a seamless flow as seen in this area will expand the space, making your home even bigger! The wide archway doors make the space feel airy, while the hanging bamboo swing provides the perfect whimsical (yet modern) touch.

An Office Outside

Are you fortunate enough to have a job where you can work from home? Creating an office in a sunroom, similar to this chic space, can make those long workdays more pleasant. Once you have a comfortable desk, dependable Wi-Fi, and a laptop computer with the right office software, you’ll never want to commute to work again.

A Sunny Play Space

Is your family spending too much time inside? A four-season sunroom addition that is stylish and functional makes it the perfect space for your family to play in all year long.

Sunrooms as Sheds

Do you want to transform a sunny space into a glowing sunroom addition but don’t have the money to build a new addition to your home? This space was once an unused, dingy shed, but the designer found a way to transform it into something you’d love to spend all day in. 

By replacing the shed’s siding with screen panels and adding a fresh coat of paint, the designer has given this once unappealing shed an entirely new look. Add string lights and a few plants to make it the perfect backyard oasis!

Sunroom Addition in Florida Made Easy

Like any contracting work, you’re better off working with professionals who can turn your sunroom addition dreams into a reality. As they say, do it nice instead of twice to ensure the suitable materials, construction costs, and other considerations when starting on your sunroom.

Titan Sunrooms ensures your sunroom addition in Florida is correctly constructed. Our screen rooms built with ColorBeam Framing and ColorSpan Roofs are rock solid. Get your free quote from us now! 

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