3 Basic Things That You Should Do before Building a Sunroom


Have you considered building a sunroom? It is a great place to relax. You and your loved ones can enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature without exposing yourself to her harsh elements. 

You might be asking if the sunroom is different from a pergola. Yes, it is because the former is part of the house. On the other hand, the latter is a covered walk with vined-plants trailing on its columns. 

How different is a sunroom from a patio? Although both are parts of the house, the former can be found inside the house. On the other hand, the latter is outside the home’s protective walls.

If you have other questions, continue reading this article. It will help you better understand the sunroom. As a result, you might want to build one in your home. 

Align the Room to the South

As its name suggests, it is a place where you can soak up the warmth of the sun. Considering that the sunroom is inside your house, you can enjoy the beauty of nature without being bothered by the mosquitos. This feature makes it more appealing than a patio.

Before looking for a supplier and searching for designs, you must find the right spot to erect the structure. As a tip, you should look at the direction of the sun when planning this project. You might also want to take note of the weather conditions of your area in your proposal.

The government, through the Energy.gov, states that energy efficiency should be prioritized when building a sunroom. With this said, it is suggested to build one that is aligned to the south, where you can feel the warmth of the sun all-day round. Thus, it will reduce heating costs.

Design and Style

This phase is quite enjoyable because you get to go through several pictures of beautiful sunrooms. But it can also be overwhelming. Do not fret! We have your back. 

Your first task is to decide whether you will have 3-seasons or 4-seasons sunroom. The answer to this will heavily rely on where you live in. The latter is built with the purpose of making it comfortable year-round. On the other hand, the 3-seasons style is only appealing for only three seasons out of four.

Once done, you can indulge in window shopping. You can look for carpets, furniture, windows, and even lighting fixtures. It will be a fun experience.

Find a Reliable Contractor

Now that you have clear vision of how your sunroom will look like, you can proceed to finding a contractor. It would be best if you hire a local supplier because they are familiar with the weather conditions. Thus, they will get the right materials for the job. 

Once you have a list of contractors, you should check their experience and expertise. You need to do this because this project requires window replacement. You must make sure that they are up to the job.


Having a sunroom can vastly improve your home’s aesthetic appeal. It will also increase its monetary value. But to ensure that you will get the best of what it can offer, you should plan things.

If you need help with patio or sunroom construction, reach out to Titan Sunrooms. We will be more than happy to build one for you. Call us now to get an estimate!

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