5 Smart and Incredible Tips on How to Design a Sunroom


Now that you’re heading towards summer, you may want to consider preparing your sunroom. That way, you won’t have to bathe in your sweat or look like a tomato after you enjoy basking in the sun for too long. 

A sunroom has plenty of benefits. You get to mingle with your family members, enjoy a quiet time with yourself, or have fun listening to your favorite audiobook while getting your skin sun-kissed without the intense and direct heat.

Now, if you haven’t heard of a sunroom or maybe you don’t have any experience designing a sunroom before, then these five smart and incredible tips will help you get started.

Use Wood Instead of Plastic

It’s well-known that plastic can get really hot during the summer. If you plan to spend the afternoon in your sunroom, you’ll want to make sure it’s made of a material that won’t get as hot as plastic.

Wood is an excellent alternative because it won’t heat up the same way plastic does. It also provides a more natural and calming atmosphere that will give you a relaxing feeling when you’re inside.

However, if you want to use plastic, make sure that a wood frame supports it to keep it from becoming scorching hot.

Play with Bright Colors

Sunrooms are a great way to get some color inside your home without adding more rooms or remodeling them. It’s a great way to brighten up a dull room and add a touch of vibe that you want to bring inside your home.

When designing your sunroom with bright colors, make sure you use strong and sturdy materials. Otherwise, the sun’s harmful rays can easily damage it.

You can also utilize accessories like colorful pillows and napkins to liven up the atmosphere. Additionally, make sure that the furniture inside your sunroom is also painted with bright and vibrant shades.

Create a Theme and Stick to It

When designing a sunroom, it’s great to add a theme inside it. For instance, you could use items that’ll remind you of the beach, like shells, a hammock, and a rock wall.

If you’re designing with a theme, make sure you create a cohesive and consistent look. It will help you preserve the general theme inside your sunroom. You can also use this theme to decorate other rooms in your home.

Avoid Using Soft Floors

If you want to create a more luxurious sunroom, you could use soft flooring, like a rug. However, there are certain times that soft floors can become a pain.

If you’re living in a humid climate, soft floors can easily get damaged or even moldy from all the excess moisture inside the room. On the other hand, if your sunroom is exposed to direct sunlight and you don’t want your rug to get hot, you might want to use tiles instead.

Include a Bar or a Pool Table

You don’t have to have a pool inside your sunroom, but you could create a great spot for you and your family to enjoy. You can use a bar or a pool table in your sunroom, as well.

A bar and a pool table can be a fantastic addition. It’ll give you the extra space you need and provide a wonderful place for you to rest after a long day at work or school.


Now that you have the ultimate guide to designing a sunroom, you can use these tips and tricks to give your room a more defined and organized look. By doing so, you can enjoy the amazing benefits of a sunroom without worrying about the drawbacks.

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