How to Make Your Backyard a Wonderland Oasis

Accessories make the difference between house and home. The difference between an empty backyard and a lush garden oasis comes down to the details. With a few touches, it’s easy to transform any space.

Creating a Relaxing Atmosphere

Creating a relaxing atmosphere has as much to do with sound as with visual details. For instance, a simple white hammock suspended between two trees or a solid-wood swing becomes a perfect spot for Sunday afternoon naps and quiet conversations. 

Accompany that with tea-light candle lanterns, arranged attractively on a treated outdoor cocktail table placed next to a rose bed makes a perfect place for morning coffee. 

Hang a wood and steel wind chime nearby, sending pleasant notes over the air. Depending on the materials used in construction, wind chimes can sound like tinkling bells, or have rich, sonorous chimes. 

Finally, place a gently flowing fountain just behind is always an elegant finishing touch. Voila. You’ve incorporated all the elements: fire, water, steel and wood, and created your own Feng Shui paradise.


Nothing creates a bigger backyard oasis than having a room that can be heated/cooled, protect you from the elements (and the insect critters that like to bite.) Enclosures can come in a variety of forms including: insulated 4 season sunrooms, 3 season screen rooms and patio covers. Imagine how nice it would be to have a room to enjoy your privacy or entertain as the mood strikes.

Outdoor Pieces

For those fond of outdoor pieces, like garden statues, birdbaths and fountains, be sure to take the height of the surrounding plants (if any) into consideration. If you have a lush garden, full of tall grasses and flowering plants, consider foot tall or higher plaster statues of children gathering flowers, angels whispering to one another, or playful rabbits. Small plaster statues in the form of either sweet cherubs or amusing gargoyles (believed in ancient times to keep evil spirits away) are very charming when placed in garden beds featuring low growing border plants.

Inviting Nature

When choosing home and garden accessories to enjoy in your backyard wonderland, don’t forget to think of the very birds, bees and butterflies which also call your backyard home. The friendlier a backyard is to flora and neighborhood fauna, the more inviting it is to people, too. Watching robins in the spring, hummingbirds in the summer and sparrows in the fall is one of the more relaxing aspects of backyard living.


Outdoor garden decor is as reliant on lighting as it is on comfortable, all weather furnishings. After all, you want to be able to enjoy your beautiful outdoor living room in the evenings too. Though the most impressive lighting systems can be very expensive in ground electrical solutions, that said, sometimes simple, old fashioned candlelight is the most romantic and beautiful lighting of all.

For those with outdoor gazebos, or trees with limbs strong and low, the selection of a candle-bearing chandelier can be breathtakingly beautiful. Similarly, tea-candle lanterns, hung on low branches create mysterious and romantic lightscaping. Asian lanterns, with frosted glass panels, and Moroccan lanterns, with colored glass panels, create environments simultaneously festive and romantic.

Of course, nothing beats a set of impressive table-top candlesticks. Strong carved wooden options, standing over a foot tall, make any outdoor dining experience more formal instantly. Brass, bronze, and metal sticks convey style and strength, and make dramatic impact. Ornate candle centerpieces set a beautiful table, and can be either fancy in polished metals, or whimsical in novelty designs.

As you can see, there are no shortage of options, and affordable ones at that, to turn your backyard into a wonderland oasis. All it takes is a little love, time and energy and you’ll be enjoying the backyard lifestyle year round!

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