3 Reasons to Build a Fireplace or Firepit in Your Backyard

It may not be apparent as you drive along your street, but there is a kind of transformation taking place in America’s backyards. In the back of those homes and privacy fences, we are retiring to the backyard after long hours of work. We are relaxing on our decks, porches and patios. We’re abandoning the chill of air conditioned inside rooms to grill, dine and enjoy the company of friends. We’re retreating to backyard play areas, yards and pools for time and fun with our family. Now that we’ve remembered the joys of staying home, we’re discovering new ways to spend that time outdoors. The outdoor fireplace is making a huge comeback in backyards everywhere.

Three Reasons to Consider Building a Backyard Fireplace

1. An outdoor fireplace can be the focal point of your outdoor living space.

As we create spaces for spending time outdoors with friends and family, these areas evolve into cozy outside rooms. A freestanding fireplace makes the perfect anchor for a seating area. Turn seating towards the fire and fashion a natural entertainment area. Outdoor fireplaces are dramatic and unexpected, making them the perfect focal point.

2. Outdoor fire pits and fireplaces extend the life of your outdoor entertaining season.

Whether you live in a four-season area or a more temperate zone without harsh winters, evenings can get chilly. Having a fire as a source of light and heat will make spending time in your backyard easier and more comfortable year round. Covering the outdoor living space with a roof, canvas tarp or umbrella will make your space even cozier, but be certain that your fireplace vents outside the covering.

3. Fire pits are ideal for cooking and entertaining.

While fireplaces are dramatic, a fire pit can serve as heat and light as well as a heating and cooking surface. Made from elaborate brick or masonry that is often built right into the patio area, a fire pit can easily have seating all the way around it, unlike a fireplace’s more limited seating to the front. A simple grill set across the flame will allow cooking, or warming already cooked foods as it is served in the outdoor dining area. A fire pit can be just as beautiful and useful as a fireplace.

Choosing to install a fireplace or a fire pit in your backyard living area will make your space more inviting and useful. As we spend more time in our homes and backyards, extending the living area is even more important. Outdoor entertaining and relaxing is more fun and comfortable with the light and heat from a fireplace or fire pit.



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