The Backyard Living “Bucket List” Top 20


For many of us, our backyards are the most favorite part of our homes. Below is our list of the 20 most popular backyard “Bucket List” enhancements (in no specific order) that will help you live your best life now…

#1. Game Day Destination

Few things are more fun than being able to be outside and watch the games with friends.

#2. Backyard Movie Screen

Portable movie screens & projectors give you the full theatre experience, from the comfort of your backyard.

#3. Patio Cover

In the summer, being outside with the sun beating down on you is not a lot of fun. Adding a patio cover gives you the outdoor experience with nice comfortable shade.

#4. Poolside Paradise

Nothing will give your family the luxurious backyard resort feel faster than a pool. The perfect centerpiece of every backyard experience.

#5. Backyard Sports Court

If you like sports, putting a basketball, tennis or volleyball court in the backyard may be at the top of your bucket list. The all-weather “sport court” surfaces that are available today allow for great flexibility/safety, with minimal upkeep.

#6. All Weather Sunroom

For many a sunroom is the centerpiece of their backyard Shangri-La. Perfect for entertaining or solitude year round. Not only do you get extra living space to enjoy, but a sunroom will likely increase the value of your home 4-6%.

Sunroom Pensacola FL Cathedral

#7. Outdoor Chess Board

For a few hundred dollars on Amazon, give your guests an activity that will keep them engaged for hours.

#8. Waterfall

Adding a natural element water feature will give your backyard positive feng shui, that provides a sense of comfort and well being, whenever you’re out there.

#9. Firepit

Another feng shui enhancement that also lends itself to intimate gatherings whether for conversation, s’mores or a little scotch & cigars.

Adding a Sunroom to Your Home 

#10. Outdoor Kitchen

There’s something magical about bringing the dining experience outside, especially when it’s done under cover in an outdoor kitchen setting.

#11. Pergola

A Pergola combines both style and function, which is why they are so popular. You enhance the whole feel of your backyard, while giving you a nice, comfortable place to relax.

#12. Putting Green

If you’re a golfer, this is likely the #1 item on your backyard bucket list. The idea of relaxing at home, while shaving strokes off your handicap, is hard to beat.

13. Backyard Cantina

Few things will make you more popular with the neighbors than having a covered bar in your backyard. With a backyard cantina, it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere….

#14. Secret Garden

A lush garden is game changer when it comes to changing the feel of your backyard experience. Amazing what a few hundred bucks at local nursery can do!

#15. Garden Hammock

Few places will get more use in your backyard than a nice relaxing hammock. Lemonade not included…

#16. Deck

A deck is a great upgrade from sitting in the grass with the bugs and itchy pollen.

#17. Cornhole & Other Backyard Games

Making a fun backyard can be as simple as adding a few games. Cornhole, horseshoes, volleyball and bocce are all inexpensive and effective ways to enhance your backyard living experience.

#18. Spa-Zebo

A hot tub spa is great, but one under a little cover for privacy is truly a game changer and worthy of bucket list status.

#19. A Blockhouse “Shed” 

Whatever your passion is, make room for it with a Blockhouse Shed. Man Cave, She Shed, Yoga Studio, Woodworking Shop…..get the climate controlled, Internet enabled space you need.

*See how Miss Wendy used her Blockhouse Shed to create her own writer’s studio in her backyard –

Miss Wendy’s Blockhouse Writers Studio

#20. Garden Lighting

Backyards are for evening too. And, nothing will more quickly transform the feel of your backyard than a little bit of lighting.

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