Backyard Superstars 2 – Neighbor’s Backyards We’d Love to Have


It’s said the greatest form of flattery is imitation. If that’s true, these are the 7 neighbors we want to imitate as they really know how to live it up right!

#1. The Spa-Zebo

We love this version of an outdoor spa, built with a cover for a bit of privacy. What a nice, warm, inviting place for date night.

#2. The Backyard Racquet Club

These backyard legends added a grass tennis court to create their own private tennis club! Feels like it’s right out of an episode of “Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous.”

#3. The All Weather Sunroom Addition

Nothing balances luxury and practicality like extending the usable living space of your home with a sunroom. This homeowner’s sunroom creates a great place for entertaining, peace and solitude.

#4. The Pub Shed

Love this homeowner’s creativity (and frugalness). How creative to take a shed and convert it into their very own private pub. Check out Titan’s Blockhouse Sheds if you like this idea.

#5. The Mood Lighter

There’s no quicker or cost effective way to give your backyard the high-end resort feel than a little bit of lighting. Look at the amazing effect a few lights give this homeowner’s pergola.

#6. The Outdoor Foodie

Ahhhhh… awesome does this look. The addition of an outdoor kitchen can instantly bring a transformational new dimension to your lifestyle.

#7. The Screen Room Chalet

This screen room looks like just the kind of place we’d like to hang out in. We can feel the nice breeze blowing through….

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