Factors to Keep in Mind before You Build a Pergola

backyard with pool and pergola

Improving the backyard has been one of the significant priorities of every household owner. After all, the backyard can serve as a place for relaxation and having fun with the entire family and friends. There are different ways to enhance the backyard, and one of them is the pergola.

Now, you may wonder about what a pergola is. A pergola is an open structure made up of columns, and it is used to provide shade and a decorative look to the backyard and garden. In fact, many pergola designs can be seen in small, huge, and spacious rooms.

However, before building a pergola in your backyard, you must consider these factors first:

Ask for a Permit

If you’re living on a property where the backyard is in the community, then you must consult the homeowners’ association. You must get a city or town authority permit if this is private property. 

There are many restrictions when building a structure in the backyard. Because of this, you must secure permission to work on the pergola construction project.

Check All Utilities

One mistake you could make when building a pergola is not checking if electrical, gas, or water lines are going through the backyard. Failure to assess these utilities might harm you and your family. Even worse, it can disrupt the systems in the entire area. Therefore, you must know where all of the utility lines are.

Determine the Frost Level

This method especially applies to people who live in an area where frost season often occurs. Building your pergola requires identifying your area’s frost depth, meaning the layer of the soil in which the water freezes. If you are unsure if your place is frost-prone, you can check the internet or ask your neighbors.

Choose the Suitable Type of Pergola

Depending on your theme and preference, there’s a wide range of pergola designs to choose from. These include the following:

  • Arches Pergola: This type is commonly used as an entrance to your home. This is because it creates a beautiful entry that is both attractive and welcoming. It’s also a more economical choice.
  • Butterfly Pergola: This pergola is often used in a garden. It is less expensive compared to the other types.
  • Vaulted Pergola: It is ideal for constructing an arbor in a smaller backyard.
  • Aluminum Pergola: The material used for this pergola is not your typical wood material. However, it is very sturdy and does not shake easily.

Hire a Professional

Pergola construction is not as easy as it seems. You need to note your surroundings and remain in mind all the restrictions. You must also consider the different pergola designs based on your preference and budget. Hence, hiring a professional to handle the construction process is best.

A professional can help you with several things, including the design, construction, and finishing touches that can make your pergola look more appealing and functional.

Final Thoughts

Pergola construction in your backyard is helpful because it provides shade and covers the entire area. It is also an outstanding addition to your home. As a result, when designing and building a pergola in your backyard, you must consider these factors.

Also, it’s not over once you’ve finished building your pergola. You must maintain it to remain a permanent fixture in your home.

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