6 Benefits of Adding a Pool House or Backyard Cabana

pool house

Having a pool house or backyard cabana to your outdoor pool will not only add practical features and benefits, but they also can provide a good return on investment, especially when you are considering selling your property in the future.

The benefits outlined below will help you understand your needs and design your pool house how you want it.

1. Display Your Skills in Bartending

Classy cocktails are perfect for summer days spent by the pool. If your cabana has enough space, turn it into an outdoor bar for hosting friends and family. With your outdoor bar set up, your guests can also stay in their swimwear while grabbing a drink without you having to worry about going inside the house to get drinks.

2. To Entertain Each Guest in Style

Pool houses or cabana is the perfect place for guests to change in and out of their swimwear. They can also come with a washroom to keep everyone confined to the pool area. 

It is also a fantastic way to entertain your guests, so they stay in the poolside or cabana without having to enter your house and leave wet feet tracking through your home. This will also help you with minimal cleaning up work after the party.  

You can set up everything you need for the party in the cabana. This includes drinks, food, party games, utensils and cutlery, and extra chairs and tables.

3. Turn Your Cabana into a Tropical Vibes Cookouts

Many cabana and pool house designs include a small kitchen area with a grill or stovetop. If you love grilling during the summers, this can be a helpful addition to your outdoor cookouts. The extra space for utensils and cutlery is also beneficial for a relaxing cooking experience. 

4. Each Cabanas Provides a Shed for Unanticipated Climate

If a yard has no covered deck or shady trees, it’s nice to have more options for shade. The pool cabana can also be a great sitting area, ideal for outdoor family dinners, game nights with your families and friends, or simply to chill on the poolside and grab a good book to read.

5. Additional Storage for Winter

Pool houses provide a great storage option for pool toys, furniture, and chemicals during winter. When you temporarily close your pool for this season, you can simply move everything into the pool house for safekeeping—setting up everything you will need for holding a party in the pool area or a cabana the night before. That way, you will save time in rushing for your guests to come over.

6. Boost Your Property‘s Investment

A pool in the backyard is a valuable asset to your home. If you have a pool house or cabana, it will increase the value of your home even more as it will increase its worth more than it costs you to build. 


A pool house and cabana have many practical uses and can be utilized all year round. All this while increasing the value of your home.

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