Screen Room vs. Sunroom: Finding Out the Best Option

If you want to add more space and bring the outdoors “indoors,” you can consider adding a screen room or sunroom to your Gulf Coast home. Screen rooms are a good choice to keep bugs out, while sunrooms are excellent if you want to feel more like you’re outdoors. Deciding between the two doesn’t have to be complicated.

This article will help you understand the main differences between a screen room and a sunroom. By the end, you will have helpful information to help you make the best decision for yourself and your home. Let’s get started!

Decide What the Space Is For

When deciding whether to add a screen room or sunroom to your home, ask yourself what you want the space to be used for, what kind of furniture and appliances you’ll need, and how often you’ll use it. You’ll also need to consider whether the room will need climate control and if electricity will be installed. 

Make Sure It Will Protect You from Bugs, Dust, Humidity, Heat, and Pollen 

Screen rooms are beneficial in the Gulf Coast because they provide a place to stay outside without being bothered by bugs and the weather. Most screen rooms are built with an aluminum roof and frame that uses large screens instead of windows. A screened room is not closed off from the outdoors, meaning it does not provide much protection from bugs, dust, humidity, heat, and pollen.

While a screen room lets you enjoy the outdoors, it also lets in small bugs and insects. On the other hand, a sunroom will protect you from those bugs and insects. Since a sunroom is completely enclosed, it will also make you feel more comfortable by protecting you from dust, humidity, heat, cold, and pollen. 

Determine Your Heating and Cooling Options

What sort of climate do you want in your screen room? Will you want to install heating and air conditioning or ceiling fans? Screen rooms are not typically designed to be climate-controlled, but they can be more comfortable in states with cooler, drier climates. 

Because the heat and humidity are more extreme in the Gulf Coast, a screen room might not be as practical.

A sunroom, as opposed to a screen room, can be climate-controlled with energy-efficient glass windows, insulation, and other materials. A sunroom is the best option if you want a room that can be used year-round.

Plan Your Appliances and Furniture

You should plan what kind of furniture and appliances you want in your new room. If you like to keep it straightforward with plants, patio furniture that can withstand the elements, and other outdoor decors, then a screen room might be a good option.

On the other hand, a sunroom is a great place to entertain family and friends, with plenty of space for an exercise room, game room with a pool table, home office, or TV room with couches. 

A screen room can get away without electricity, whereas a sunroom, in some cases, may require electricity to be installed.


Your decision depends on what you would use the new room for. Thinking about when and how often you would use the space would also help determine whether a screen room or sunroom would be a better fit. 

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