7 Simple Ways to Turn Your Backyard into Your Own Utopia

7 Simple Ways to Turn Your Backyard into Your Own Utopia

Some people pay as much attention to designing their backyard experience as they do their home itself. When you do, you can transform a lawn into your own backyard Utopia. Here are 7 simple ways to massively increase the level of enjoyment you get from your backyard.

#1. Lighting

The simplest, least expensive and fastest way to transform the backyard experience is lighting. After all, backyards aren’t just for the day time!

#2. Hot Tub Spas

Nothing feels more luxurious or more quickly gives your home that Ritz Carlton resort feel than a hot tub. Some create “Spa-zebo’s” by putting their’s under cover for use in any weather condition.

Hot Tub Spazebo Florida

#3. Sunroom

The quintessential backyard upgrade that delivers the extra living space for fun & privacy.

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#4. Sitting Areas

The idea is to bring the inside space to the outside and increase your living square footage.

Tip: For those of us who don’t live in perfect climates, protect yourself from the elements. Patio and deck coverings protect you and your furniture from unwanted damage due to wind, storms and sun. Watching the rain is much more enjoyable from under a roof!

#5. Pool Cabana

Give your pool the high-end resort feel with a cabana enclosure that allows you to relax (eat, drink and play) without boiling over from the sun beating down on you.

Pool Cabana in Pensacola FL

#6. Water = Oasis

Bringing water to your backyard gives you a centerpiece for relaxation and fun. So many options here from pools to fountains.

Backyard Pond

#7. Blockhouse Shed’s – Making Room for Your Passion

Got a passion? Exercise, pottery, woodworking, writing, yoga, sports…. whatever it is, set up a Blockhouse Shed in your backyard and get instant space to live your passion.

Blockhouse’s “In Action”:

WARNING: Implementing just one or two of these ideas may cause you to not want to leave your home. Enjoy!!

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