The Benefits of a Owning a Sunroom

The term ‘Sunroom‘ refers to an area of the home, which has an increased area of windows allowing a large flow of sunlight to enter through. They are also referred to as conservatories, solariums or garden rooms. This in turn makes the designated room much brighter, while controlling the climate and weather within. It provides a wonderful addition to your home at less cost than a traditional extension and adds great value to your property at the same time.

With more people working from home and spending more quality time there these days; home improvement projects have greatly increased. A sunroom can be transformed into any type of room, it just depends on your lifestyle and personal preference. You could have an office with a wonderful view, a gym, a dream kitchen, a playroom, a pool enclosure, a bathroom, a master bedroom or even a private spa.

Benefits Beyond Curb Appeal

The addition of a sunroom brings functionality and elegance to any home by opening up the whole flow of your floor plan.

Most people think in terms of the looks and appearance of a sunroom but the advantages go far beyond. The additional space is an often overlooked benefit, as is the functionality and personal comfort that comes with a sunroom addition.

And, of course, adding a sunroom can greatly enhance the look and curb appeal of your home. When a sunroom is constructed to fit with the style and design of the home, it adds a touch of luxury and elegance that a simple home addition cannot. If your home is on the small side in terms of square footage, a sunroom is a very cost effective way to increase the usable space and overall value of your home.

Sunrooms typically are constructed of glass, but alternatives, such as screens and Eze Breeze vinyl do exist.

Energy Savings

Sunrooms can also create significant energy savings in comparison to a regular room addition. When well constructed, adding a sunroom can save energy because it captures the warmth of the sun and allows you to use natural light instead of electric lighting.

Feng Shui & More

Additional space and added home value are important benefits that come from a sunroom addition, but there are other benefits that are more personal and harder to quantify in terms of dollars and cents. For example, a sunroom allows you to enjoy the physical and emotional benefits of natural sunlight throughout the entire year. The sense of comfort and relaxation that come with a sunroom are also excellent for reducing stress. When a sunroom is used as a gathering place for the family it enhances togetherness and family relationships. If you love plants then a sunroom is a great way to grow and enjoy plant life all year long.

In the end, the benefits of adding a sunroom can be measured in dollars as well as peace of mind and comfort.

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