The 4 Ways to Know if a Screen Room Addition Will Transform Your Lifestyle



When considering adding on a screen enclosure to your home it’s helpful to know in advance whether the investment will be transformational for your family. Here’s 4 ways to quickly assess if it will be:

1. You Need A Relaxing Outdoor Area For Your Home

Do you like to spend time outdoors at your home, but don’t have the most relaxing space to do it in? This is a common problem among homeowners. Decks and patios are great, but they often don’t allow you to really relax because of bugs and the elements.

A screen enclosure can protect you from these elements, so you’ll be able to sit outside and relax without having to worry about anything. You can enjoy looking out from your deck or patio without your vision being impaired or being uncomfortable from the weather.

Screen enclosures are pretty straightforward, but they can be hard to visualize in your yard if you’ve never seen one before. Here’s a gallery of screen room images that will help you see if a screened in enclosure could be a good fit for you.

2. Your Bugs Are Unbearable

Florida is going to have a lot of bugs, no matter where you live in the state. This is actually one of the main reasons why people invest in screen enclosures. There are different types of screen enclosures you can buy, but the best ones have screens made of tiny rectangles, so bugs can’t sneak in.

If you don’t spend as much time outside as you would like due to the insects, a screen enclosure may be right for you. Why limit yourself, pets or family from spending quality time outdoors, when a simple screen enclosure will get rid of the bugs and allow you to really enjoy being outside.

3. You Want to Add An Attractive/Low Maintenance Outdoor Area

While there are many reasons why it’s beneficial to have a screen room enclosure in your backyard, for many it begins with the aesthetic benefits. A screen enclosure looks classy when it’s built right, using quality materials.

Then there’s the practical perspective, where a screen enclosure helps keep your patio clear of leaves, sticks, pollen and other objects. Many people invest in a screen enclosure just so they won’t have to work as hard to keep their patio clean. Just make sure you get the best quality screen enclosure material you can afford, so it will last a long time and be worth the investment.

4. You Want Some “Transition” Space

There’s nothing like the feeling of being secure in your own home. However, for some, they feel less private/secure when their backyard is wide out in the open. If this is the case for you, a screen enclosure can provide you with a nice “transition” space between your home and the outdoors.

You’ll still be outside on your patio or deck, but the screen enclosure gives the feeling of security like you’re inside your home. Many people don’t think of transition space as being important, but if you aren’t completely comfortable in your backyard, a screen enclosure could be the answer.

Screen Room 2 Cantonment FL

Word of Caution:

Investing in a screen enclosure is a big decision with several important options to consider.  Make sure you consult with a licensed and certified contractor to help you navigate the specifics regarding structural, architectural and zoning matters. 



Fred Genkin is the founder and CEO of Titan Sunroom, the leading sunroom manufacturer and installer in NW Florida.

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