Walking on Sunshine: Understanding Sunroom Basics


Our homes can have all the beautiful add-ons that it deserves. Any homeowner can add various rooms and spaces they want in their house, but one thing that will make it stand out would be a sunroom. 

Say what you will about windows, but they tend to upgrade the look of a home, regardless if you are going for a modern or a traditional feel. Sunrooms are windows lined up to form a greenhouse-like aesthetic indoors, with the main difference of having furniture and houseguests in it rather than your plants.

Now, while not all homeowners prefer to have certain parts of their indoors revealed by having a lineup of windows as their walls, you can’t deny the beauty and style that it gives off. Even your guests will greatly appreciate the overall look, establishing countless conversations about your taste for exterior designs.

If it happens to be your first time to hear about sunrooms and you are curious to know more about them, no need to worry. We have created this quick guide for you, detailing the basics to help you get started:

1) Sunrooms Come In Two Types

Instead of being stuck with just one sunroom option, you are given two of them to choose from. The three-season sunroom is more inclined to be enjoyed during spring, summer, and fall when you want to experience a healthy dose of sunlight during your mornings. 

Think of it as a small section where you may meditate and relax with your tiny cup of tea. It is also perfect for those simple gatherings with your family and friends, discussing nostalgic memories during holidays, or solving jigsaw puzzles during the weekends. The possibilities are endless!

The second sunroom type is the four-season porch, where you have the option to either heat or cool it down. This is more appropriate for people who prefer to avoid cabin fever during the winter season or chill out during the glaring, hot days of the summer. Think of it as your household’s sanctuary against the most dreaded climates of the year.

2) The Costs of Adding One in Your Home May Vary

Not all sunrooms are made equal, which means that your expenses may not be the same as your neighbors who decided to get the same thing for their home. One major factor that you would have to add to the equation would be the size of the sunroom. As with all things in life, the bigger it is, the more that it would cost. You may also consider the types of materials to be used.

Regardless of whether you’re going to get a three-season or a four-season porch, you would have to shell out more for the construction as long as you use high-grade materials. In principle, the estimated cost of four-season porches is roughly around $60,000, while the three-season porches are around $30,000. You may coordinate with your contractor to get a more accurate estimate closer to your floor plan.

3) The Length of Construction Time May Change

Many factors may affect the construction of your sunroom. While it is true that four-season porches are a lot longer to build due to insulation and cooling add-ons,three-season porches can be just as complicated to make, mainly due to the weather changes.

For this reason, it’s essential to be considerate about the climate. More importantly, discuss the progress with your contractors for immediate updates on the building process.


Sunrooms are a great addition to your home. Aside from the fact that you have two types to choose from, you also have the option to adjust the build according to your budget and be more updated with the length of construction time.

Analyze your floor plan and have an add-on that will protect you and your family from extreme climate temperatures with your sunroom of choice.

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